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Update on the cute individual

Well he did warn me that his phone is not behaving itself and that he has not been getting all the voice messages and text messages while he has been away. But he would check on his phone for my voice messages. So I warned him that I would leave a message every day until something gets through and by the end of week they would probably get cheekier and cheekier. He just grinned at this.

So here I am leaving messages on his mobile because his stupid phone keeps going to voice mail grrrrrrr. Not his fault as it is doing that to other people as well. I wish he would come back to work as it is much easier talking to a face then a phone...

I am being very impatient I know but I cant help it!!!!!

Other News

Its bloody freezing down here. I want it to snow but it keeps holding out.. I have to do remote site work tomorrow so the roads better be good otherwise it is going to be a nightmare.

Work is fine, annoying colleague has been away today so the office was full of laughter and smiles which was good.

I had 11 hours sleep last night so I feel really good. I had a cold last week, nothing major and I think last night my body said enough is enough and made me go to bed.. I fell asleep at 8pm which is very rare for me but well worth it.
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