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Happy New Year everyone. Sorry so late and that I have been away so long. Work was murder over December and I honestly did not have time to keep up with everything.

Christmas was a nice quiet affair with Matt's family. He brought me some lovely parents. Now some of you may laugh but when I was little I always wanted a "my little pony" but mum would never get me one. It always had to be what she thought was right to get. So my little love bought me not one but two *does the happy dance". Yes I am a kid at heart and will not mind admitting it either LOL. I also got a cuddly toy from him and something else which I cant remember right now.

He loved his presents and I love giving presents so it is nice to see him smile. The presents that I got from his parents were fantastic as always and too many to remember at the moment. One thing though, I now know why I do not drink much as soon as we got home. I stayed up for a further hour and then when I went to bed, it was lights out for me and I really dont remember when I stopped stoking little Willow kitten and falling asleep ;-)

I hope everyone has a fantastic Year

Date: 2007-01-05 02:43 am (UTC)
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Happy New Year to you as well! *hugs*


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