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Your Birthdate: September 1

You are a natural born leader, even if those leadership talents haven't been developed yet.
You have the power and self confidence to succeed in life, and your power grows daily.
Besides power, you also have a great deal of creativity that enables you to innovate instead of fail.
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Your strength: Your supreme genius

Your weakness: Your inappropriate sensitivity

Your power color: Gold

Your power symbol: Star

Your power month: January

hmmm not so sure about the "your inappropriate sensitivity", may be it could be interpreted better that I prefer to be honest..... ;-)
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Happy New Year everyone. Sorry so late and that I have been away so long. Work was murder over December and I honestly did not have time to keep up with everything.

Christmas was a nice quiet affair with Matt's family. He brought me some lovely parents. Now some of you may laugh but when I was little I always wanted a "my little pony" but mum would never get me one. It always had to be what she thought was right to get. So my little love bought me not one but two *does the happy dance". Yes I am a kid at heart and will not mind admitting it either LOL. I also got a cuddly toy from him and something else which I cant remember right now.

He loved his presents and I love giving presents so it is nice to see him smile. The presents that I got from his parents were fantastic as always and too many to remember at the moment. One thing though, I now know why I do not drink much as soon as we got home. I stayed up for a further hour and then when I went to bed, it was lights out for me and I really dont remember when I stopped stoking little Willow kitten and falling asleep ;-)

I hope everyone has a fantastic Year
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Nothing much has happened.. Matt's brother is sulking with me at the moment and does not speak to me much, and yes it does upset me and I cant help that, but I am being strong :-)
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Oh why is it when anything goes wrong, it always happens 10 minutes before you are due to go home.

At 4.50pm all the printers went on the blink, first they decided to not print at all, then when I did get them printing they were all printing on the wrong printers. I wont go into the technical details as I do not want to bore you. But lets just day that some stupid person decided to send a huge print off 10 times and this may all the printers go loopy. My manager had to spend 6 hours last night sorting it out as he had already gone home..

Thank god I now have a car to get home, otherwise it would have taken hours to get home.. oh well such is work...

when I did get home, I was greeted by a very playful kitten (but I wont be able to call her that as from this Friday as she will be one years old!!!!!). On the much brighter front, I now get home just half past five rather then any time between half six and seven o' clock.. Now if I could just solve the problem as to why I have been feeling so tired lately then all would be great :-)
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To everyone I know.. have a wonderful thanksgiving. I still remember my first one in Salt Lake City and how much I enjoyed it :-)

My toast would be if I was still there - to the most wonderful family I have ever known, may you always have the laughter, fun and happiness you deserve

hugs to everyone
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A big happy Birthday to [ profile] dreamingcrow. I hope you have a wonderful day Breda
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Thanks to Evilari (hmm can someone tell me how to put it as a journal user's name as I cant figure that bit out... anyway

What Makes You Purr? by bluemystique82
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You purr when:you play dead
You as a kitten:
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party time

Aug. 6th, 2004 03:44 pm
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Well the friends down here have arranged an engagement party for Matt and me and I am so excited.. Keep looking on the clock but the time is dragging, no surprise there ;-)

I wish you could all be with me tonight, but I will let you all know what it was like tomorrow

bye for now :-)
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Update on the cute individual

Well he did warn me that his phone is not behaving itself and that he has not been getting all the voice messages and text messages while he has been away. But he would check on his phone for my voice messages. So I warned him that I would leave a message every day until something gets through and by the end of week they would probably get cheekier and cheekier. He just grinned at this.

So here I am leaving messages on his mobile because his stupid phone keeps going to voice mail grrrrrrr. Not his fault as it is doing that to other people as well. I wish he would come back to work as it is much easier talking to a face then a phone...

I am being very impatient I know but I cant help it!!!!!

Other News

Its bloody freezing down here. I want it to snow but it keeps holding out.. I have to do remote site work tomorrow so the roads better be good otherwise it is going to be a nightmare.

Work is fine, annoying colleague has been away today so the office was full of laughter and smiles which was good.

I had 11 hours sleep last night so I feel really good. I had a cold last week, nothing major and I think last night my body said enough is enough and made me go to bed.. I fell asleep at 8pm which is very rare for me but well worth it.
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well its miserable outside again. I dont mind if it is freezing cold as long as it is bright outside with a white looking sun.

No chance of that today though, it looks like it is about to rain pretty soon.

I think that today is going to be a day of staying in and keeping warm.

I have the house to myself later though. Phil is travelling up to London for some kind of event tomorrow, so that means that I can chat to my hearts content, or basically do anything that I choose :-)

I made some recurrant, coconut and raisin muffins last night. I have got quite addicted to making fresh ones after those yummy ones I had at my sisters. They came out very yummy and luckily I still have some left for breakfast this morning.

Well I think its time for a nice cup of tea and one of those now..

hmmm muffins and tea is good

Only been up for 20 minutes, and may have to go back to bed soon ;-).. but at least I had a lie in this morning for a change
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